The Moon Saw It All By Nancy L. Young, Illustrated/Nadia Komorova, Video Narrator/Conrad J. Storad

Under the Watchful Eye of the Moon.... Crickets rubbed wings to the jitterbug dance; Gila monsters swished to the monster-mash. Centipedes tapped while the night hawks rapped-- Quail tangoed in the moonlit bash... But when day breaks, the ball comes to an end. Imagine the puzzlement of the human creatures when they happen upon unexplainable hoof and paw prints and a mysterious, feather-inscribed message in the sandy soil. Nancy L. Young's delightful poetry transports the reader to Aravaipa Canyon, a real-world magical place, while Nadia Komorova's richly hued illustrations inspire the imaginations of children everywhere. Read at bedtime or naptime, its gentle rhyming pattern and positive message of critter camaraderie will soothe children like a loving hug. Sweet dreams are sure to follow! "...this book is a gift to anyone who has ever longed to experience the rugged splendor of Arizona's backcountry and all its amazing wildlife... a 'must have' for the library of anyone who loves Arizona." —Conrad J. Storad, Award-Winning Arizona Children's Book Author
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Date Thursday, August 1, 2013
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