The Judge

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Language: English
Publisher: FeedBooks
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The Coranite Chronicles Book #1

The Judges are a secret order. As assassins of justice, they command the elements and wield powers beyond all imagination. They can never be seen, never be touched and never be killed. They seek to destroy evil and evil alone.
They are fictional characters in a fable, simply part of a story used to impress morals upon children. That is what everyone believes. And that is what Darek believes—until he sees one for himself!
Stuck in the industrial slums, Darek Wayker has scraped up a meager living for the past three years by working as a delivery boy. However, an unexpected meeting with one of the mythical Judges spins everything out of control: he is arrested, put on trial and sentenced to death for a crime he never committed. With the help of his friends, Darek escapes alone to a distant planet, far from the reaches of the Federation. But is he any safer? Much to his surprise, Darek soon discovers he is trapped on a post-apocalyptic world where fearsome monsters lurk at every corner and all traces of civilized life have vanished. Unable to go home, he wanders through the desolate land and stumbles across two others—a ruthless killer and a reckless heroine—who are also stranded on the planet. Together, they embark on a wild journey that takes them across the continent…to a place they never imagined possible. With only a handful of unlikely allies by his side, can Darek escape the perilous world?

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