DRM: the DRM (Digital Rights Management) or Adobe DRM, is a system file protection that allows copyright protection of digital content. EBooks with this protection can be read on a maximum of 6 devices authorized by the same Adobe ID (to get it you need to register on the Adobe web site or through Adobe Digital Editions). The Adobe DRM does not allow you to print, copy, or modify the content of the eBook. Not all devices on the market support Adobe DRM. If your device is compatible, to read eBooks you will need to enter the same Adobe ID that you used on Adobe Digital Editions.

Watermark: Social DRM or Watermark is a non-invasive method for the protection of content, which does not limit the use of the file to which it is applied, but acts by inserting on the inside of the book the owner’s name and some information about purchasing, making the eBook personal and unique. The Social DRM allows you to transfer the file an unlimited number of times and to use it on all the eReaders, tablets, smartphones and computers.