Formats (ePub, PDF, Mobi)


This format is the world standard specifically designed for the publication of digital books. It has a dynamic paging that allows the text to automatically adjust the screen to any display device (eReader, tablet, smartphone, computer). It is possible to customize your reading experience by increasing or decreasing the font size.


It is a format that imposed itself over the years as the standard for printing and is widely used in the presence of images and tables in the pages of the book. It has the characteristic of having a fixed paging which, if on one hand do not allow to customize your reading, on the other hand avoids the risk of having distorted images. It is recommended for screen-reading (smartphones and tablets) and for those who wish to print the book purchased, could give instead some difficulty with the reading on eReaders.


It is the format compatible with the Kindle device from Amazon. It is recommended only for this device.