About us

Dear Guest,

here you can find some information on GLIBBO portal, which aims to be a collector of content, ideas and information relating to digital publishing, in particular e-books and audiobooks.

GLIBBO was born as a start-up project of a company based in Bologna, the e-Soft, which operates mainly in the field of Information Technology. The project draws its origin from the following consideration: even if the printed book will continue to be appreciated and purchased by many consumers, inevitably digital works are meant to capture a growing interest and use, thanks to new devices for reading (notepad, e-reader, smartphone, ...) and the use of new technologies, which make it extremely simple the dematerialization of audio works, images, videos and texts, and propose new ways to use them.

Confident in our technical expertise and in some previous experience in the publishing industry, we started this project, and we are trying to overcharged a space between the current national and, especially, international "big players". GLIBBO wants to be:

  • a showcase with a rich catalog of e-books and audiobooks, in Italian and other languages, free of charge and/or payment; (we want to be able to offer by the end of 2013 a catalog that includes all the Italian e-books and hundreds of thousands of foreigners e-books);
  • a meeting place for exchanging ideas and opinions;
  • a guide, able to recognize the interests and tastes of each user and help in the choice of content.
In order to be able to carry on this project is very important to have your collaboration, for example:

  • dedicating five minutes of your time to browse our website, to explore our proposals and our content;
  • accrediting at our site, creating your own personal user - we will maintain with the utmost care and confidentiality your data, which will be used exclusively to provide the services you explicitly ask us;
  • helping us to make our initiative known, for example by inserting feedback and reporting on social networks our existence or inserting links to other sites;
  • trying out the various services that we will gradually introduce in our portal;
  • communicating directly with us by email, by sending your suggestions, criticisms or by reporting any problems or concerns.